Trade-Ins and Consignments

Whether you want to consign your guitar, bass or amplifier and have us sell it for you or trade it in on something new, Music49 can help. Our reputation and experience can help you whether you are in the market for something new or just need a little cash.

Music49 has earned a great reputation over the years as a reliable, knowledgeable and honest place to buy musical instruments.  You can leverage that experience to help you sell your guitar, bass or amplifier. Our low commission rates help you keep more of the money in your pocket. If you want Music49 to help please contact us to discuss the details.

We love trade-ins.  It allows us to help you get something new with less out of pocket. Determining the actual value for your your instrument over the phone or via email can be difficult, so we may need you to bring it in or send it to the store for a final evaluation.  We will always give you an honest opinion and fair offer.  Please be aware that we can't always take every trade that comes to us but we will do our best to make something happen.

If you have any questions about trading or consigning your equipment, please give us a call at 704-599-1230.